@enigmatico these won't have Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities that's for sure 🤔

Apparently my grater has a built-in hardware encryption engine

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"Carrer del Programari lliure a Berga que es va inaugurar al 2010. Al voltant del marc les petjades són del logotip de l'entorn d'escriptori GNOME."

@enigmatico are they any worse than Intel GPU drivers? 🤔

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Q: What does a sysadmin say when a website's IPv6 is unreachable?

A: "AAAA!"

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@SuperDicq I think that them being human readable wasn't a feature they had in mind. Most of the times it is just an hyperlink to a website or some text, which accomplishes in a small space and effective way. eg. It is much easier to scan a QR code than typing a long URL or BTC address.

@enigmatico eMule has a lot of old gems still available. Also viruses lol

Finally got to install the PicoBoot modchip using a Raspberry Pi Pico and the cheapest microSD card I could find. The install was delayed because Nintendo used to love using GameBit screwdriver tips. 😞​

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I love social media algorithms.

They made machines try to understand human's decissions and take decissions for them based on maths and prediction algorithms without understanding human emotions, at all.

re: Presentation! slightly long post :abunhd: 

@nui another factorio fan here :)

@dendy it also looks like ass on mobile but I'll get into that later. Hopefully.

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@dendy version 0.3.0 of tidal.delegao.moe released! The long-awaited search bar is implemented. Quality selector is now saved as a cookie, too.

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